Fix/Flip or Rent

Looking for short term profits?  The “Fix and Flip” (a term you have heard for years!!) may be your best approach. Whether a novice in this industry, a weekend handyman, or a seasoned investor this is truly one of the oldest and most well known ways to profit in real estate.  Yes, it is exactly as it sounds…Buy a property to Fix up and then Flip (Sell) it for a profit.

Valleywide is your resource to finding the right properties for this time-tested strategy. Once you login, you will have access to our current inventory pricing.  By signing up for our newsletter (found on the right side of the page), you will be the first to hear about new inventory that arrives.

This “front of the line access” is your way to find properties in your price range, location, and type quickly. Once you find your property(ies), contact us for access and more detailed information.  We can also go through the process of helping you determine what maybe necessary to make the property “market ready”.

While many of our clients choose to do much of the work themselves, we do receive requests for access to some of the handymen, contractors and supplier whom we have prior experience. Either way, we are here to help!


Do you prefer to build a longer-term income stream?  Rentals may be your strategy.  Basically, you can purchase, fix up the property and then rent it out while allowing the anticipated appreciation of the property value provide the long term profit and exit strategy.

Many of our properties are located in ideal rental areas and are perfect for the income driven investor.  These are questions we are asked and will be happy to help you with.