Q. What do you do? How can you help me reach my goals?

A. Quite simply, we take most of the stress and guesswork out of finding outstanding investment properties.  As one of the longest industry leaders, Valleywide supports you in locating your ideal investment properties. Whether you are a “fix and flip” investor, an investor building a rental portfolio, or if you are looking for your own personal residence, we have the resources to help.

Q. I am a Realtor.  Do you work with Realtors?

A. Yes! We include a 3% commission on all of our deals. While most of our competitors require that commissions be added to the price we include them in our advertised price. Even though we don’t initially put our properties on the MLS, we will always provide Realtors with a commission agreement to further confirm our willingness to cooperate with all agents.

Q. How can I view or show properties?

A. Occupied rentals require 72 hour notice, 24 hours to contact the tenant and 48 hours by law to schedule. Vacant properties are always on a contractor lock box. Just contact Chris Bianco for location and code.  Call him at 602-291-2090 or email Chris at chris@valleywideforeclosures.com .

Q. Do you own these properties?

A. Yes, almost all of the properties you see on our website are either owned by Valleywide or one of our affiliated entities.  Note that almost all of our properties are free of liens, which enables us to sell the properties quickly.

Q. Do you accept traditional financing?

A. Yes.  Although most of our transactions are cash transactions we do accept traditional financing.   Since our prices are based on quick, cash transactions, there will typically be a small fee due to the additional time required for traditional financing.  It is, however, important to keep in mind that many of our vacant properties are distressed and may need repairs required by the lender.

Q. Do you do carry backs or loan money?

A. No, we do not provide any type of financing. However, over the years we have worked with many of the best “short term” lenders in Arizona. We will gladly provide you with several financing contacts.

Q. Can I do an inspection?

A. Yes, you are free to do a property inspection. Due to the short term nature of the sales, we will require that all inspections are completed prior to the contract stage of the transaction. Thus, once both parties enter into a contract to purchase a property, it will be assumed that you have completed your due diligence and are comfortable, confident and ready to move forward.  Another item to note is that most of our properties (similar to bank owned properties) may not have any utilities turned on.

Q. I have decided to buy a property, how do I move forward?

A. Once you decide, just call Chris Bianco or fill out our contact form. He will ask you a few basic buyer information questions and send you a contract within just a few hours.  Simply have the contract signed and emailed or faxed back to Chris.  Deliver your earnest money to the title company by the end of the next business day and we’re on our way. (Note that earnest money must be in the form of a cashiers check).

Q. Do you use a standard real estate contract?

A. No, as we said before, our goal is to make things easy!   Since you have completed your due diligence prior to executing the purchase agreement, we can use a more simplified 5 page document.  Please note that we do periodically have a more unique purchase situation where we will need to use a standard contract.

Q. Where do you find your properties?

A. Due to over a decade of purchasing properties, we have built numerous relationships with many sources to help us find the best properties.  Additionally, we still track and sometimes purchase through trustees sales, short sales and bank owned REO properties.