Building on a Real Estate Business that started in 1992. Valleywide Foreclosures  (“Valleywide”) has become a leader in real estate foreclosure and pre-foreclosure investment properties.

Our team will work with you in finding the right investment properties to help achieve your goals.

We purchase hundreds of significantly discounted properties each year. We are then able to provide our clients with some of the best deals available.

Are you a seasoned investor? Or just looking to purchase your first deal, we will work with you and help guide you through the simple process.

Our services are tailored for the:

  • single or multi-property investor looking for rentals or flip properties
  • multi-property investor looking for a rental portfolio
  • short or long term hold
  • end user looking for a great price on a fix-up property

Valleywide Foreclosures will meet with you to discuss your goals from acquisition to rehab to the exit strategy. We have access to various resources for financing, fix up, rental and ultimate sale.

Our clients enjoy our honest and sincere approach to working with your requirements. Valleywide Foreclosures’ mission is to provide the most professional and personal product and services possible to help ensure our clients success.