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Valleywide Foreclosures will meet with you to discuss your goals from acquisition to rehab to the exit strategy. We have access to various resources for financing, fix up, rental and ultimate sale.

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“I have been a Realtor for many years. I am always looking for good deals to either put in my own portfolio or add to a client’s portfolio. Chris and Valleywide Foreclosures have always had the best deals in town. Discounts are deep; the properties are always in good condition and in good areas. Experience in buying really shows in the quality and pricing of each one of their properties.”
~Pete M., Maguire Realty

“After being in the land business for many years my partner and I decided to expand our business into the fix and flip side of Real Estate. We stumbled through our first few deals then met Chris and the team at VWF. He quickly put together a deal for us. He put together a property, design plan, contractor and vendor list and a construction budget. Our first deal sold fast and we raised our bottom line. We have since been able to triple the number of properties we do per year. It is clear to us that Chris and the guys at VWF want the best for their clients. They strive in customer service and stick with you through the entire deal.”
~Jim W., Cherokee Partners LLC

“The first thing you will notice with VWF and Chris is their communication. With them the deal is not done when they sell you the house. They are there through the entire process with your best interest in mind. Chris always picks up the phone or answers my emails. Whether I am looking for a few comps to help set the resale price on my property or just looking for a good painter, they are there for me. His passion and knowledge for this business shines. I recommend just giving them a call, its better then any book or CD.”
~Zack K., Zac Ventures LL.

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